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Our SaaS platform guides participants through the various stage-gates of innovation with access to dedicated resources at each step. 

In addition to the platform, funnl proposes consulting missions and workshops designed to help companies structure their approach to innovation.

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A solution to reduce risk and maximize resources. The platform guides intrapreneurs through the innovation process with minimal interference from the company. This ensures that at the end of a cycle, each idea has been vetted for strategic alignment and feasibility.


For added transparency, real-time monitoring allows companies a clear view of the project funnel while our strategic alignment questionnaire helps participants to better assess whether their project is in line with the company's objectives


Funnl proposes a structured approach inspired by Design Thinking and Lean Startup with an interactive stage-gate system designed to accompany intrapreneurs in the step-by-step development of their project with access to dedicated resources at each step.


The platform was designed with maximum engagement in mind. There is a myriad of ways for participants to get involved whether they are sponsoring a project or dedicating their expertise to help other team members.

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Build excitement and identify ambassadors for your innovation program

Work with our experts to codesign your innovation challenge during a half-day workshop and leverage our intuitive innovation management solution to embark your teams in a three-month innovation challenge.



  • Platform customization to match your company identity 

  • A database of inspiring resources

  • Analytics dashboard to track performance in real-time

  • Predictive success metrics

  • and more...


An end-to-end solution to structure your innovation program


A complete online to offline solution to help you build your company's intrapreneurship program from scratch, from launching your first challenge to accompanying participants each step of the way as they develop their projects.



  • Customize the workflow to suit your program's needs 

  • Advanced monitoring and analytics to track program engagement and project performance

  • A step-by-step guide to intrapreneurship with integrated tools and tips

  • and more....

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Bespoke workshops to animate your innovation program.

  • E-coaching subscriptions to help participants advance in their projects

  • Customizable half-day & full-day workshops to animate your program

What our customers are saying about funnl!

—  Guillaume,

Managing Director

Grundfos France


“Funnl demonstrated that everyone can develop a project.” 

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