Digital+ Solution

Design the future of your company with funnl's innovation management software. We developed a complete, end-to-end solution to support your long term innovation goals from collecting idea submissions to guiding participants as they develop their projects. This means less time and resources spent on administrative legwork and more time spent on finding your next big innovation!  


What's included?

One day workshop to codesign your innovation challenge

12-month access to the funnl innovation management platform

Customize the platform design and worksflow to suit your needs

Full access to our proprietary "stage-gate" system designed to accompany users step-by-step

Access to dedicated online resources to help participants to structure their ideas

Module developed to allow participants to evaluate their idea's feasibility and potential

Company directory to facilitate team creation and communication between participants

Advanced monitoring & analytics accessible via the admin page

Integrated messaging system

Track overall participation:

User activity, Resource consumption, Engagement levels 

Track program impact:

Project submissions, Project progression, Challenge engagement

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